Get Poles Ahead with Nordic Walking! 

Suitable for any age or fitness level

Almost everyone who can walk, can Nordic Walk, even if you have some physical limitations.  There are three main levels of walking; walking for Health, Fitness and Sport.

It feels easier despite using more muscles and you can walk for longer too as the work load is distributed throughout the whole body - Nordic Walking uses 90% of all your muscles for a total body workout.

Low impact exercise that reduces stress on knee, hip and ankle joints, by spreading the workload over the whole body. 

Improve your posture and mobility with regular Nordic Walking exercise, which can reduce neck/shoulder tension and back pain.

Ideal for people that cannot walk quickly, but want to maintain and improve good health - Nordic Walking burns 20%-46% more calories than ordinary walking without poles, walking at the same speed.

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  Nordic Walking Poles Ahead PT

 Helen Gilchrist is a member of REPs