Clothing and equipment

  • Clothing - to get started with Nordic Walking you do not really need any special type of clothing, only something that is comfortable (not jeans) and suitable for the weather conditions.
  • Footwear - a pair of trainers or soft and flexible shoes are best, not walking boots, as the ankles need to be free. It is worth investing in a good pair of running or walking shoes.
  • Poles - Nordic Walking poles are required.  These differ from trekking poles, even those sometimes marketed as Nordic Trekking poles.  Please ask for advice as the correct poles are essential to learn the technique.

Poles are either a fixed shaft or are adjustable.  The length of pole needed depends on your height and the fixed shaft poles come in 5 cm increments.  To calculate your pole size; multiply your height in cm by 0.68 cm and round down to the nearest 5 cm. 

        e.g. for a person who is 164 cm tall (5'4") 

 164 x 0.68 = 111.52 cm

to the nearest pole size = 110 cm pole length

Poles are made from light-weight carbon fibre. It is wise to try them out a few times before deciding to purchase poles to ensure you get the correct size.  You can do this by hiring them at one of our weekly classes.

The poles have an adjustable hand strap and are designed for each the left and right hands.  They also have a removable 'paw' so the poles can be used on or off road.  Under the paw is a durable hard metal tip spike for extra grip off-road and on a variety of surfaces.

  • Other Equipment - a small narrow rucksack is useful for carrying water and other essentials or a waist belt with a water bottle.