Nordic Walking with Helen - Testimonials

"After I retired I was looking for something to help keep me fit, but I was not keen on exercise classes in a gym. A friend recommended Helen's Nordic Walking class. I tried it and quickly became hooked. I get to exercise in beautiful countryside with a friendly trainer and friendly group, and have enjoyed walking in snow, wind, rain and sun. The walking and exercises have helped with my back problems, and have helped me to feel fit right through the year." 

Maureen Simpson

" I'd  heard about exercise giving you a 'high' but never experienced it.  A few weeks ago I arrived home from a Nordic walking class and felt a real surge of energy - I could have cleaned the whole house!  Then it dawned on me - this is it."  Feeling energised, from Shaftesbury.

"I've never been "sporty" and was a bit wary that Nordic Walking would
be too demanding and competitive. Not a bit of it. Helen is a very
experienced and sensitive instructor and through her guidance my
aerobic fitness has improved and my posture, poor from a slightly
twisted spine, is much better. I look forward to the weekly sessions,
which are rewarding and enjoyable."
Rachel Scully

"I’ve been taking Nordic Walking classes with Helen for nearly three years – quite simply it’s the best way to start the week!

Helen’s professionalism and attention to detail give great confidence. She plans a wonderful variety of routes to make the most of the wonderful countryside around us and builds different training into each session. She has always accommodated problems with my health – recovering from a broken foot [I tripped in a park!] or problems with my asthma. She tailors the sessions around each person’s individual capacity and develops the potential in each of us as far as possible."
Stella Parcel

Personal Training

"After recovering from a cycling accident I wanted to get my fitness and confidence back before setting off on my bike again. I joined the gym but felt I wasn’t getting as fit as I would like so I approached Helen to book some personal training sessions. The difference my sessions with Helen has made has been amazing. After three sessions I got back on my bike and went out for a 3 hour ride, even managing to cycle up a hill which I had found difficult even before my accident. The combination of aerobic and strength training she has done with me has not only made me stronger but almost more importantly for me, she has given me back the confidence I had lost through my accident. She showed me the best way to train to achieve the results I wanted and now the time I spend in the gym on my own is far more productive. Helen has written me a varied training and exercise routine to follow and I shall definitely have further sessions with her over the coming months to ensure that I continue to improve.
I can wholeheartedly recommend personal training sessions with Helen – she has lots of ideas to help you achieve your goals and somehow you come out of a session with her having done much more than you thought you could!"
Gill Marsden

"By November 2007 I had received a replacement knee, an adjustment operation to that and then a replacement of the replacement followed quickly by a replacement hip.  Four years of limited activity with wasted muscles and a distinctive sailor’s roll, I was determined to walk without a stoop and without sticks.   I started Nordic walking with Helen with some trepidation as my shuffling gait and lack of energy didn’t match up with the usual outdoor ‘type’.   At least I went and bought the gear – waterproof trainers, waterproof coat and trousers and was ready to go.  The first few lessons were hard in that my muscles wondered what was happening and the idea of walking along not gazing at the ground was a new concept for me.  Gradually, I gained confidence as I learnt to hold the poles properly, using my arms to balance and to share the weight with my legs.  My stride lengthened and mostly I manage to walk looking forward.

What was my aim?  I belong to a Dog Club which goes away for weekends to lovely hotels in good walking country.  The group splits to accommodate those that can go up hill and down dale and then ‘the rest’ who poodle along the level. I was determined that one day I would join the ‘elite’ crowd.

So it was that in October 2008, to everyone’s surprise, there I was at the start with my packed lunch in my rucksack (bought especially) and my Nordic poles. This was the first time I had ever ventured on a walk without Helen to instruct and assist.

We walked for 5 and a half miles, up hills, down hills, across streams with a coffee stop and a lunch stop.  I couldn’t have managed without the poles not only for just walking along but to test the depth of the water we were crossing. The last half mile was a real challenge – just to put one foot in front of the other was enough, but I succeeded."
Jo Churchill

"I love walking and Nordic Walking just goes that one step further – pardon the pun! I feel a wonderful sense of freedom and exhilaration when I am out in the countryside with my dog and my poles. 

I’m not sure exactly what gives it the extra enjoyment factor, is it……..
• the extra speed,
• the increased heart-rate
• the extra energy used
• the calories used
• the benefits to so many parts of the body.

All this with such fluidity of movement and no strain on the body and It certainly beats being in a stuffy gym! 

Nordic Walking is so beneficial to general fitness levels. As well as walking, I run a little, and Nordic Walking has significantly helped to build up my core stability and overall fitness.

Helen offers wonderfully patient, varied tuition and is full of encouragement.

Anyone can do it – the only special equipment you need are your poles and Helen always has some available for hire.

Everyone talks to you when you’re out with your poles. They might think they are the first to ask you where the snow is……..! But most people are genuinely interested and some even become converts – could that be you?

Nordic Walking poles are so portable, you can walk anywhere - don't just stick to paths, explore the countryside, fields and woods - and my favourite, the beach. What makes this so special - it is so energising Nordic Walking on the sand with a wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the sea lapping's not just the thought of a delicious hot chocolate at the end! "
Louise Canty

A Nordic walking challenge:

10km Pen Selwood run/walk. Some members of the Pen Selwood class completing the 10km route

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